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June 2014

Hurricane Preparedness

As the Atlantic hurricane season begins, it is important to be prepared. Hurricanes can create storm surges along the coast and cause extensive damage from heavy rainfall. Floods and flying debris from the excessive winds are often the deadly and destructive results of these weather events. To prepare for a hurricane you should take the following measures:


3 Easy Ways to Protect your Home While You're Away

Remember the scene in Home Alone where Kevin rigs his house with every booby trap imaginable to foil two burglars?

Good news: You can "defend" your house just as well, with a lot less effort. (A major "yay!" when you're like me and spend the night before a trip frantically shoving a bunch of "just in case" items into your suitcase, because you see you have extra room.)

These simple strategies will give you peace-of-mind when you're away-and, hey, if you want to leave glass ornaments under a windowsill, too, go for it.


5 Reasons Why You Need Tenants Insurance

It is no secret that insurance is vitally important. Car, life, home or medical insurance coverage is necessary to protect you in the case of emergency or an accident. Yet, many renters fail to purchase tenants insurance. Similar to home insurance quotes, the quotes for tenants insurance (also renters insurance) depends on many variables. However, the good news is that tenants insurance tends to be far less expensive than many other types of home insurance policies, because it doesn't include coverage on the actual building (which tends to be the bulk of home insurance costs). Considering the relatively low cost of tenants insurance, not carrying coverage is an unnecessary risk. Here are the top misconceptions about renters insurance and why you need a policy to protect you:



eKnowledge Military Donation Project has donated over 200,000 SAT and ACT PowerPrep Programs to military families worldwide. Eligible recipients include Service Members (active duty, retired, Veterans, Guard, Reserve, DOD employees, Contractors and civilians performing military support) and their families (children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews). Through the eKnowledge partnership, families may request the donated educational programs by visiting or by phone at 951-256-4076.

Customer Service Surveys

We would like to thank all of you who have been providing feedback from the surveys that have been sent out. We have reviewed all the comments and will be making changes to the survey program based on customer feedback.

Refer a Member

When satisfied policyholders send us the names of prospective new members, AFI grows. Please help us by giving us the names of Military and Department of Defense (DoD) friends to whom we can send our literature. Your children are also eligible for membership. Call 800-255-6792 or log into your AFIconnect account to refer a friend or relative. And for referring a friend or relative, we will send you a complimentary mini flashlight as a thank you.