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Identity Theft Advocacy Services
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Identity Theft Advocacy Services

Call Armed Forces Insurance at 1-800-255-6792 if your identity has been compromised or you need immediate document assistance. We will connect you to your personal advocate who will guide you through the process of restoring your identity, credit and good name.

As part of your Identity Theft Advocacy Services, you will have access to the following proactive resources at

ID Risk Compass - easy-to-use tool evaluates whether you are effectively protecting your personally identifiable information.
Protect Yourself - offers numerous tips to keep your identity safe on paper, online, your mobile phone, and social media, as well as during a disaster or travel, and protecting your personal property,  just to name a few.
Ask the Expert - receive expert tips and insights to help you stand up to identity theft.
Identity Theft FAQ - helps consumers understand and detect the many forms of identity theft and fraud by providing answers to common questions.
Monthly Newsletter - features an article on one topical subject matter and its impact on consumers and businesses, with a practical analysis of how those current events affect identity theft, privacy, and data security.
News Alerts - receive timely information on topics such as cyber threats, data breaches, and tax fraud.
Resources - a collection of useful links to help consumers navigate identity and fraud topics.


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