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MyHomeWorks™ meets today’s homeowner needs
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MyHomeWorks™ meets today’s homeowner needs

Higher energy costs have driven up the cost of home management. MyHomeWorks is a complimentary service that offers AFI members a convenient suite of customizable, interactive tools to help increase home efficiency, save money, and inventory your personal property.

  • Insure My Property provides brief explanations of common home systems, equipment and underground utility line risks, tips to reduce them and examples of paid claims.
  • My Energy Score calculates a home’s efficiency and potential energy cost savings and offers customized information for improving efficiency and lowering energy expenses.
  • Inventory My Stuff is an easy way to organize photos, receipts and information to create an online catalog of a home’s assets and personal records stored safely “off-site” in case a crisis strikes. Also available as a mobile app for iOS users.
  • Reduce My Utility Rates helps homeowners compare energy rate options (in deregulated states only) and sign up on the spot with a pre-qualified lower-cost supplier.
  • My Tech Support is our personal computing “help desk” for the home, providing technical expertise year-round. From devices and networks to parental controls, we support your entire digital domain.
  • My Efficiency Center is a go-to resource for selecting, using and maintaining home systems for optimal efficiency.
  • My Home Tour is a fun, interactive way to find energy and money saving opportunities in every room of the house.

To access MyHomeWorks CLICK HERE