A Message from Armed Forces Insurance

Dear Members, Friends and Colleagues,

We began the year with a worldwide pandemic Health Crisis,
Which has triggered an unprecedented Economic Recession,
Which has fueled an unacceptable Humanitarian Crisis,
During which an intolerable Social Injustice Crisis has once again been exposed.

Recent events have once again highlighted America’s social injustice crisis. We feel that this is an important time to reiterate AFI’s position that discrimination for any reason with any group or any individual is simply unacceptable. The importance of diversity at all levels cannot be overstated and we must treat everyone with respect and dignity. Together, we are stronger and our ability to achieve is limitless.

AFI leadership has set a high bar for the conduct of AFI employees, so we think it’s important to specifically highlight the importance of the first paragraph from AFI’s Core Culture:

“All employees of AFI are expected to demonstrate a high level of integrity, honesty, fairness, courtesy and respect toward our members, our fellow employees and those with whom we do business. Every action we take reflects and reveals the character of ourselves and our company.”

We know there are no easy solutions to problems we have faced for centuries, but each of us can do our small part in the bigger struggle to change. At Armed Forces Insurance, when we say “Our Mission is You®,” we don’t mean some of you, we mean all of you.


Sid Clarke Signature

Stanley “Sid” E. Clarke III
Lt Gen, U.S. Air Force, Retired
Chairman of the Board


Arlen Briggs Signature

Arlen Briggs
President and CEO