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What AFI Members are Saying
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What AFI Members are Saying

So, once again on behalf of my father, the rest of our family and me, we want to thank you and the team at AFI for your extremely thoughtful, thorough and timely professional assistance in all respects regarding this process.

We are blessed to have the great services of AFI at work on our behalf.
- Ken Edwards; Member Since

Thank you for your assistance and caring. You demonstrate that "our mission is you" is just not a slogan.
- Retired Army, Colonel; Member Since 1983

Thank you for the speed and excellent knowledge you used to process my claim and help us get through the shock of the robbery. Feel free to call anytime. Again, thanks bunches.
- Former Army, Staff Sargeant; Member Since 2014

Tracy, thanks so much for your assistance. I have not seen many agents as proactive as you! You have certainly impressed me. I will talk with you again after I get the duplicate payment refunded. Have a great weekend!!
- Retired Army, Colonel; Member Since 1991

I am writing to commend Shannon Weatherall for her excellent customer service.  I needed to obtain insurance on my new home, which had a closing date much quicker than we had anticipated, the next day in fact. I contacted Shannon, and she understood the urgency of the situation. In one day, she provided the insurance for the home.  There were some questions that I did not have the answers to immediately, but she started the process, told me what was needed, and as I supplied the information, she kept in touch by email and phone, and then she took care of the rest.  Keep up the fine work!She was professional but friendly. Clear and concise in what was needed from me, and always patient and polite. She is an outstanding example of what customer service should strive to be.
- Retired Marine Corps, Major; Member Since 1979

I am sending you this e-mail in praise of one of your associates, Marcia Dietrich. When I first got out of the Army I took an entire one year search to find a suitable family home. I couldn't find what I wanted so the first house I ever owned was built as to family needs. I have had insurance with AFI since 1996. Here I am much later, moved, and buying again. I contacted AFI about covering my new home, I had the pleasure of working with Marcia. Marcia is the reason people come back to AFI. Thank you from myself and the veterans of this country for what you do to help us. Marcia has turned out to be a blessing.
- Retired Army, Sergeant First Class; Member Since 1996

AFI handling of my claim was outstanding.  Prompt, friendly and customer oriented.  It's a pleasure to do business with everyone in the company.  Keep up the fine work!
- Retired Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel; Member Since 1991

I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation for what Armed Forces Insurance has done for Gooey Promotions LLC. As a veteran-owned small business, we face challenges that require us to wear many hats. When I started Gooey someone gave me a piece of advice, “do what you do best and hire experts to do everything else”. I truly feel like I have hired an expert to take care of my business insurance. It was great to talk with a personal agent with AFI. She asked a lot of questions to help me with what coverage should be considered…but in the end she let me decide what I wanted. It was truly refreshing to do business with AFI, you get it…you get us veterans.
- Former Marine Corps, 1st Lieutenant; Member Since 2014

I received my policy renewal package a few days ago, and my wife and I had some questions. I called AFI this morning, and the customer service experience was remarkable in every respect. First of all, I was amazed to experience no annoying voice prompts. Ms. Pam Wright answered the call promptly. She was personable, completely professional, and a pleasure to deal with. She quickly answered all my questions. The caliber of service on this call was great. Please pass on my appreciation to Pam and to the whole organization.
- Retired Navy, Commander; Member Since 2003

I would like to thank and compliment the superb customer service that I received from your agent, Gwen. She contacted me in response to a request for online document availability. Gwen walked me through the entire process and assisted me with a login issue. In addition, she answered my question of whether or not my flood insurance was available online. She also confirmed that our flood insurance was paid and current, and then emailed the Dec. page info to us IMMEDIATELY. She should truly be commended for going ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure all issues were thoroughly, professionally, accurately, and cordially resolved. THANK YOU, GWEN!
- Retired Navy, Senior Chief Petty Officer; Member Since 2004

Whatever our situation is, Armed Forces Insurance is always there to help us. We get prompt and professional responses, with good advice and information to questions we didn’t even know we needed to ask. We always appreciate the customer service representatives from all the different service departments/areas.
- Retired Air Force, Master Sergeant; Member Since 1982

Thank you, Armed Forces Insurance, for all that you have done for me and my family. We think the world of you and your agents. We received wonderful support following Katrina and now over 7 years later we are still receiving the very best care and support from AFI. All the folks at AFI are simply the very best.Thank you.
- Retired Coast Guard, Commander; Member Since 1976

I wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you about my experience with Tracy. It has been a long time since I have worked with an agent that not only provided me with "service" but went beyond my expectations. I contacted her with a rush situation in which our mutual customer was closing on his refinance at 4:30pm today. Once I explained my situation to her she took control, told me what she could do to help and most importantly followed through. I was very impressed and delighted with her. She is a strong asset for your company.
- Bank of America Home Loans, Mortgage Underwriter

I just simply want to thank Armed Forces Insurance for approving our new home insurance policy. Secondly, in today's society it is becoming very rare to interact with various individuals who are persons of their word, who exemplify professionalism, integrity and character. These personal attributes are very evident in Ms. Melissa who is a Senior Insurance Specialist with your fine company. Melissa actually called me on the date that she stated during our initial conversation, she was very polite and courteous during our conversations, she explained everything carefully and accurately, she has a very nice speaking voice and she displays the type of professionalism that is sometimes overlooked or taken for granted in today's workplace!!
- Former Army, Specialist; Member Since 2012

Your customer support has been inexplicably proficient. You know that your quality service is more than a five star rating. Thank you for all your support.
- Former Army, Master Sergeant; Member Since 2011

I have never received such outstanding, informative and courteous service from an agent of another company or organization.
- Retired Navy, Captain; Member Since 1964

I've been extremely remiss in not thanking you for the outstanding service and support you've provided, throughout this legal process. I'm extremely fortunate to have had you handling my case on behalf of AFI. As we're all aware, a significant monetary award to the plaintiff could, financially, "cripple" a defendant (me, in this case). Throughout my years of being a customer/member, AFI has provide me superb service; the job you did was consistent with that "gold standard" of excellence! Again, thanks for everything!
- Retired Army, Colonel; Member Since 1979

AFI's customer service is among the best I have dealt with in the bank/insurance industries over the past few years. I have never waited too long to speak with a human, and have never failed to get a complete answer to any question. Bravo!
- Active Army, Lieutenant Colonel; Member Since 1991

I want to thank you and your staff for helping us with our claim.  I really appreciate your staffs outstanding assistance and quick settlement.  We've heard so many horror stories (not about AFI) of people having such a hassle and hard times on settlements.  Your staff was wonderful and a pleasure to work with.
- Retired Air Force, Master Sergeant; Member Since 1984

I am writing to recognize the consistent good service provided to me.  Over the past year and five months that I have been a customer of AFI, I have received great help from all my insurance questions. I received help on establishing my first policy on a second home, got help to move my primary home, auto, valuable property, boat, and umbrella insurance to AFI.  All my questions have been handled very professionally, from a customer service stand point I could not have asked for more. I received a recommendations as to endorsements that might better meet my situation (e.g. a co-title holder endorsement for the second home which my wife and I own with my sister and brother-in-law).
- Retired Army, Colonel; Member Since 2011

It is so refreshing to receive such wonderful support, as I am working overseas in the UAE where customer service is an unknown topic.  AFI provided the requested information and recommended additional ideas to enhance my tools for influencing my account matters on my me control via on-line tools. I can't picture working with another company.
- Retired Marine Corps, Lieutenant Colonel; Member Since 2011

I've been insured with AFI since 1962, AFI's service has ALWAYS been awesome.  Always courteous, timely, and knowledgeable.  Today that service level just moved higher, when I didn't think it could get better.  The AFI agent was extremely intelligent, professional and courteous.
- Retired Army, Colonel; Member Since 1962

I just became a member with AFI.  AFI did a fantastic job, going through the closing process meant working with several different businesses.  AFI was the only company I found easy to work with.
- Retired Army, Sergeant; Member Since 2012

I am very impressed with the service I received at AFI. The agent was very helpful and caring, she took the time to answer all of my questions and I felt like, not only was my business important but my mother's business as well. I tried to compare AFI's premium to another company but it took 3 days for them to respond; while AFI had my quote to me with-in an hour. That made me feel like AFI would be there when/if I needed them.
- Child of AFI Member, Member Since 2012

I would just like to provide a few comments regarding my recent claim for my property due to Hurricane Irene. I called the claims department on Saturday night to inform them that a tree fell over the side of my house. I was called back about 2 hours later to inform me a claim has been processed and an adjuster will be calling me within 24 hours. The adjuster called and gave me an approximate time he will be arriving. The insurance adjuster arrived on time and was very courteous and professional. He provided me with all the details involved with processing my claim. I was completely satisfied with his thoroughness in assessing the damages. I was also surprised by a visit from Mike Mattix and Ellen Wyrick, from the Kansas Headquarters, a few hours after the adjuster came. They wanted to ensure that my needs were met, as far as my homeowner policy was concerned. This was a truly outstanding service from AFI. These are the kinds of service that other insurance agencies would do well to emulate. It was truly gratifying to see senior leadership involved with the recovery process of a client.
- Active Air Force, Colonel; Member Since 2000

When my father passed away I had to take over closing all his accounts, including his insurance with AFI. I am so grateful for your patience, help and advice. I even learned that I, too, am eligible for AFI coverage as being a child of a member. I will seriously consider in the very near future insuring with AFI as I've completed construction on my own home.
- Child of AFI Member; Member Since 1980

I am a new policyholder with AFI. Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of working with an agent on setting up a policy for my new home. The responsiveness and help have been superb. Based on my experience with AFI, as my other policies come up for renewal I am going to look into switching them from USAA to AFI.
- Retired Coast Guard, Commander; Member Since 2011

I wanted to wait and respond back to you until the dust settled, after the St. Louis, MO Severe Weather Damage in April 2011. Now that everything is complete with all the work that had to be done, I wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the results. From the very start, everyone in this process has performed beyond expectations. I wanted to let you know personally, that you, Barry and all the construction folks involved, resulted in our home being one of the first in our area to be completely restored, and to perfection.

Thank you and Armed Forces Insurance for being there for us and for your quick, courteous and efficient service.
- Retired Marine Corps, Gunnery Sergeant; Member Since 1998

AFI really made me and my wife feel appreciated for my service in the military, (I proudly enlisted on my 17th birthday in 1966) and a tour in Vietnam, where I became disabled. I have not been shown the respect in such a dignified and professional way by any company as we were made to feel by AFI.
- Former Army, Sergeant; Member Since 2011

Thank you so much for your attention and help. We truly appreciate all of the folks at Armed Forces Insurance. I have always prided myself for my military service but you and the people there truly make me feel great about the 7.5 years I spent in the Navy.
- Former Navy, Petty Officer 2nd Class; Member Since 2009

I would rather call Armed Forces Insurance than USAA (currently has auto coverage with them) because AFI has knowledgeable employees and they are always pleasant to talk with.
- Retired Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel; Member Since 2003

Thank you so much for your personal thank you card for becoming a new AFI client. I want to tell you, I could have never made the informed decisions pertaining to my choices, had it not been for your excellent employees. They far exceeded my expectations as far as knowledge of your products, stepped "way outside the box" of customer service. They were very quick with responses and even went to bat for me with my mortgage company.
- Widow of Former Air Force, Technical Sergeant; Member Since 2011

I give AFI an A+ for its support related to our house fire. When this started, the insurance adjuster said he worked with 200 different insurance companies and that AFI was unquestionably the best. He hit the mark! Thank you for your personal involvement and commitment with our claim resolution.
- Retired Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel; Member Since 2002

I just wanted to take this time to say thank you!! During the past year we have been through probably the roughest and most stressful times of our lives. During this time AFI was always available and so very helpful in such a trying time. Having never had a claim, and not really knowing what to do or expect, they really helped us greatly!
- Retired Navy, Petty Officer 1st Class; Member Since 2006

Thank you - it's rare to find such personal business interaction these days.
- Retired Army, Lieutenant Colonel; Member Since 1979

Thank you so very much for the help you gave me today with my auto policy. You were nice, knowledgeable, prompt and very courteous. To be honest I could have gone with another insurance company today and received a lower cost but the reason I did not use the other company is due to the wonderful service AFI gave me.
- Retired Navy, Chief Petty Officer; Member Since 2002

In the midst of throwing my father a 90th birthday party, I had a wind claim. I'm very happy with how professional AFI was and with how quickly they responded. I'm very thankful they were able to get someone out to my house so quickly to prevent further damage from occurring. Without a doubt I made the right decision in moving my coverage to AFI!
- Child of AFI Member; Member Since 2010

I'm extremely pleased with the customer service and the direct attention I received from AFI. You're like the old day local agents that seemed to care. Now days all these companies work by phone, just like AFI, but AFI really CARES about me and making sure I understand my policy.
- Retired Air Force, Senior Master Sergeant; Member Since 2005