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Why I thought trigger cards could help my son and others surviving PTSD

My son came home from Afghanistan a changed man. He looked the same and sometimes acted the same, but deep down, he really wasn't the same. After being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), I monitored his mood and tried to determine some of his triggers. Sometimes he would just get up and leave and everyone wondered what was wrong with him; most family and friends thought he was rude. After a while, he would just stop coming to events where he would have to explain why he would do and act certain ways. I asked him what he thought about having a card to hand out during times when he was trigged. This way, if he experienced a trigger, he could hand out a card and exit the situation and not have the added worry of explaining why.

If you do not want to explain why you have to leave unexpectedly and/or have a hard time with loud noises, or if you need to sit in a place where I can see and access all exits, then this card will provide an quick and simple solution.

Download your PTSD card here with no questions asked.

Downloadable PTSD Card

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Written by:
Cara Loken
2016 Armed Forces Insurance
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