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Do I Need Special Coverage For Jewelry And Other Valuables?

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Your homeowner insurance covers quite a few things, the building you live in, the things inside it, and even some valuables. But when you need to file a claim after events like a fire, windstorm, theft, and vandalism, you may find that some of your valuable items aren't fully covered.

Jewelry is frequently thought of when discussing valuables in your home. It's important to know that standard homeowner policies have a low limit of liability for theft, usually right at $1,500. This helps keep policy premiums low, as jewelry is frequently stolen.

Special coverage can be added to your policy to cover your jewelry entirely. If you need additional coverage, you have two options. You can either raise the limit of liability or purchase additional "floater" policies. Raising the limit of liability is the cheapest but still may not cover all of your jewelry replacement costs. 

Additional policies may cost more in premiums but bring full protection and peace of mind. Broader protection comes with these extra policies, including accidental losses. For example, if you drop your ring down the kitchen sink. You'll need to have these pieces of jewelry professionally appraised before purchasing a floater policy. 

Make sure all of our precious valuables are covered, check with your Armed Forces Insurance representative to see what coverage is right for you.